Siaosi Finau – The Quiet Chaos

When building the Outlaws, Cedric Walker had a certain type of player in mind. That player is embodied inside of Siaosi Finau or Si for short. Si is the total package that Cedric was looking for, productive, disruptive, intelligent, leader, and a family man. As the leader of the defense, Finau is having a strong year and when he is on the field, he will surely make fans turn their heads.


Si is from Reno where he play his high school football. He began his career at Butte College in California before being recognized by multiple schools. Ultimately Siaosi decided to play for Colorado Mesa University. HIs final season with the Mavericks was impressive to say the least, playing in every game at linebacker, racking up 69 tackles (7 for loss), 1 interception and 1 rushing touchdown. Saiosi continued to train and develop his skills in hopes for a chance at professional football. That opportunity came when Coach Walker asked him to join him in Billings.

Cedric Walker on what made him so impressed with Finau, “His intellect, hes a very intelligent player, speed, power, he’s an incredibly powerful guy but he plays sideline to sideline and plays with a smile on his face, always.”

The Next Level

It is evident that Siaosi from day one was ready for the next level of competition. Si has been leaned on heavily by his coaches and teammates the entire season and it is not hard to see why. Finau is second on the team in tackles (18) while fourth in the league in sacks (4), keep in mind the Outlaws played only 8 games this year while some teams played 9. Fans can see how impactful Si is when they watch him play. Though he is always a threat to create havoc in the backfield, his play allows his teammates like LaQuan Johnson Jr. and Chase McGowen more opportunity to get involved. The combination of these three defensive lineman has powered the Outlaws to boast the leagues second best defense with Siaosi as the centerpiece to the defense.

Cedric Walker on Si’s impact for the Outlaws, “SI is a true leader of the defense. He plays the game the right way and he’s a throw back guy. He’s been playing with an injury on the middle of his nose since training camp. He is a tough guy, doesn’t want to come out and he is just consistent. Si demands respect but he gives respect, and the room understands when he speaks guys listen, because he doesn’t talk often. He works with me a lot. He takes the gameplan and makes adjustments, he sees things that can make us better and communicates that to us and helps others digest the information. He is the quarterback of the defensive side. He’s a great, great, great family man, great family values, his parents raised him right and that shows inside the locker room.

Fans can catch Siaosi Finau causing chaos Saturday at 8 PM EST vs the Nashville Kats in the second round of playoffs.

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