The Arena Football League Welcomes Dr. Jen Welter as Chief Marketing Officer

Dr. Jen Welter, the new Chief Marketing Officer of the Arena Football League, is a dynamic football innovator with an impressive and multifaceted background as a player, coach, academic, and executive.

With a PhD in Sports Psychology and a Marketing degree from Boston College, Dr. Jen seamlessly blends her deep understanding of football and human performance with cutting-edge marketing strategies.

She is also a CEO, Founder, Investor, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Female Footballer who is committed to changing the conversation for women in the athletic industry.

Dr. Jen’s illustrious football career spans 15 remarkable years, during which she secured two gold medals with Team USA and clinched four championships.

In her final year as a player, Dr. Jen stepped into the men’s arena game with the Texas Revolution, where she became the first woman to play running back in men’s pro football. The following season, she continued her journey with the Revolution and became the first woman to coach in men’s pro football.

Her trailblazing journey in football next took her to the NFL, where she became the first woman to coach in the league. Dr. Jen’s expertise in spring football is unparalleled. She has played and coached women’s football and indoor football, the Alliance of American Football, and the XFL. This wealth of experience has honed her ability to develop innovative approaches to the game and its promotion.

As a serial entrepreneur, Dr. Jen is renowned for her pioneering ventures in the football space. She founded Grrridiron Girls, the first national movement dedicated to girls in flag football, and created “A Day in the Life,” the ultimate female football fan fantasy experience. These initiatives showcase her commitment to empowering the next generation of female athletes and enhancing fan engagement.

Dr. Jen’s storytelling prowess is evident in her bestselling memoir “Play Big” and her children’s book series “Critter Fitter.” Her talent for crafting compelling narratives, both in print and in person, makes her an invaluable asset in shaping the voice and narrative of the Arena Football League.

Recognized as one of the top speakers on authentic leadership and leading from the front, her keynote engagements for brands such as Visa, Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, the United States of Women, and Adidas have further solidified her reputation as a master storyteller, champion for change, and influencer in the sports industry who delivers truth with a humorous touch.

In 2024, Dr. Jen was named one of the 100 Women to KNOW, received the Steinberg-DeNicola Humanitarian Award, was named one of the USA Football Select Bowl Coaches, and was knighted as a Dame. These accolades highlight her ongoing contributions to football and her dedication to using the sport as a platform for change.

With a powerful career on the field and a proven one in the boardroom, Dr. Jen continues to change the way people think, feel, and act about football. She emphasizes the business of football and the giving required—both of heart and wallet—for everyone to rise to their fullest potential through athletics, innovation, investment, and charity.

In her role as CMO, Dr. Jen Welter brings unparalleled expertise both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. She is poised to be a prominent voice for the league, curating content that resonates with fans and driving the AFL’s marketing efforts to new heights.

With her unique blend of athletic achievement, academic insight, and entrepreneurial spirit, Dr. Jen is set to revolutionize the way the Arena Football League connects with its audience and inspires future generations.

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