Washington Wolfpack Mid-Season Check-In

The season has not gone according to plan for the team or fans. The Wolfpack are sitting at 1-5 at the bottom of the standings. Washington held tight twice in their rivalry games vs. Oregon, which seemed like they could hang with anyone. Washington also gave a solid West Texas team fits in a close loss. On the flip side, Billings and Salina both walloped the Wolfpack. Their lone win came against the Rapid City Marshals.


The offense has struggled mightily to gain consistency. In one series, the Wolfpack will string together four nicely designed plays and move the ball down the field. In the next series, they’ll struggle to connect passes and miss blocks. It has been Jekyll and Hyde all year.

The main reason the offense seems dysfunctional is blocking. Jacob Ta’Ase has, at times, looked like he can lead a team, but he is constantly under pressure. Rarely does Ta’Ase have time to sit in the pocket and make plays.

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Thankfully, he is very mobile and can make plays with his feet, which he has done all year. Vincent Wilkerson, J.R. Nelson, DeShon Williams, and Machiah Lee have all looked good when the ball is in their hands, but as previousl stated, that has been inconsistent.

Key Offensive Player: Vincent Wilkerson

Wilkerson has been consistent in this very inconsistent offense. Going into the season, some players on the Wolfpack overshadowed Wilkerson, but as the season progressed, he has shown he is the go-to receiver for Ta’Ase. He is a big-body wide receiver who can dominate smaller defensive backs.


It becomes very hard to judge a defense when the offense is so inconsistent. This has caused the defense to be on the field, taking fewer breaks constantly, which will always make defenses look worse than they are.

The Wolfpack held Billings to their lowest total this year, which is quite an impressive feat considering Billings’ potent offense. They also held another dominant offense in West Texas to 34 points, and the majority of their points came in the fourth quarter.

Washinton’s defense has been better and more consistent than the offensive side. The Wolfpack’s ability to turn things around will depend on the defense staying strong.

Key Defensive Player: Brandon Wellington

Wellington won’t get much recognition in the Arena League because it’s hard to stand out if you’re not catching a touchdown or making an interception. But he is the voice of this defense, the catalyst to keeping the front and back connected. If you ask any of his teammates, you will hear them say he is one of the team leaders.

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